Nyctalus noctula

Several studies have described parts of the vocal repertoire of Nyctalus noctula (e.g. Pfalzer & Kusch 2003; Furmankiewicz et al. 2011). We added to the species’ vocal repertoire description by analyzing pup isolation calls (Knörnschild et al. 2007). For several years now, Silke Voigt-Heucke (FU Berlin) has been working on vocal communication in N. noctula; thus, other interesting facts about the species’ vocal repertoire are forthcoming.

   Nyctalus noctula (© Mayer).

Isolation calls

Pups produce isolation calls to solicit maternal care. We have statistical evidence that isolation calls encode an individual signature. The vocal signatures of twin pups are more similar to each other than to other age-matched pups (Knörnschild et al. 2007).

N noctula_pup isolation calls_small   Isolation calls of N. noctula pup (© Knörnschild).


Distress calls

We recorded distress calls from hand-held females.

N noctula_maternal distress calls_small   Distress calls of N. noctula (© Knörnschild).


Other vocalization types

We recorded two other vocalization types from captive females; however, their behavioral function could not be determined.

N noctula_maternal call types 1 & 2_small   Two other vocalization types of N. noctula females (© Knörnschild).


Sonograms depict frequency as a function of time (1,024-point fast Fourier transform, 100% frame size, Hamming window with 87.5% overlap).