Current team

Martina Nagy (Postdoc):

Mating systems, dispersal patterns, behavioral interactions, and speciation in bats

Ahana Fernandez (Postdoc):

Ontogeny of the vocal learning bat Saccopteryx bilineata

Maria Eckenweber (PhD candidate):

Regional differences in courtship behavior of male sac-winged bats, Saccopteryx bilineata

Andreas Rose (PhD candidate):

Social learning and cultural diffusion of foraging behavior in the nectarivorous bat Glossophaga soricina

Anja Bergmann (PhD candidate):

Vocal communication of swarming European bats

Lara Burchardt (former PhD student):

Rhythm analysis in the songs of bats, whales and birds

Sophie Ewert (PhD candidate; joint supervision with Karl-Heinz Frommolt and Kirsten Jung):

Bats in an agricultural and semi-natural landscape matrix in Germany

Anja Schild (MSc student):

Acoustic communication of house cats

Marisa Tietge (BSc student):

Social interactions and vocal communication of lesser spear-nosed bats

Hans Bilger (visiting scientist, University of Texas at Austin):

Bat larynges

Former students

Christina Mumm (Ph.D.) studentinnen_11102016
Sophie Holtz (M.Sc.)
David Hörmann (M.Sc.)
Claudia Haushalter (M.Sc.)
Kati Ashauer (M.Sc.)
Jennifer Dung (M.Sc.)
Sophie Holtz (M.Sc.)
Nora Lena Serve (M.Sc.)
Juliane Störmer (M.Sc.)
Lara Burchardt (M.Sc.)
Andreas Rose (M.Sc.)
Maria Eckenweber (M.Sc.)
Cristina Urrutia (M.Sc.)
Julia Speidel (M.Sc.)
Volker Glöckner (M.Sc.)
Franziska Harlacher (M.Ed.)
Patrick Steidl (M.Ed.)
Simone Blüml (M.Ed.)
Manuela Geiselhart (M.Ed.)
Kyra Vittinghoff (M.Ed.)
Christian Schmidt (M.Ed.)
Sarah-Cecil Fabian (B.Sc.)
David Hörmann (B.Sc.)
Nadja Sick (B.Sc.)
Miriam Kolar (B.Sc.)
Natascha Schmidt (B.Sc.)
Marion Feifel (B.Sc.)
Manuela Geiselhart (B.Sc.)
Anja Dünnebeil (B.Sc.)
Michael Hoffmann (B.Sc.)
Simone Pechmann (B.Sc.)
Stefanie Aichele (B.Sc.)
Christina Behler (B.Sc.)
Sina Engler (intern)
Josefine Eisermann (intern)
Andrew Fulmer (intern)
Mia Strauss (REU fellow)
Christina Harview (REU fellow)
Rachel Moseley (REU fellow)

Interns & Field Assistants

Josefine Eisermann joined our bat project in Curú, Costa Rica, as an intern from July to August 2016. She investigated the influence of rain and temperature on the singing behavior of bats.


Josefine setting up mist-nets (© Stifter).

Sina Engler worked as an intern in our bat project in Santa Rosa, Costa Rica, from November 2015 to January 2016. She conducted an independent study on mother-pup communication of nectivorous bats – way to go!

Sina Engler 1

Sina holding a bat (© Rose).

Anna Schulz worked as a field assistant in Curú, Costa Rica, from October 2013 to January 2014 and supported our research on sac-winged bats in various ways. Many thanks for that!

Anna, Maria, Kyra

  Anna, Maria and Kyra catching bats (© Eckenweber).